Very short stories #5

I had a lot of fun with my previous blog post on predatory publishing, and it was very tempting to write a follow-up. I'll keep that in reserve for later in the year, however—or maybe look at the similar phenomenon of predatory conferences. My very short stories have been accumulating, so here are nine from … Continue reading Very short stories #5

Very short stories #4

The first five of these eight stories have prompt words that are newly added to the dictionary. Images are from Wikimedia. HANGRY "Table 3's arguing," said Em. "Likely hangry." The chef sniffed. "Our cuisine isn't fast food." Em grinned. "Solid gold cutlery's a clue." The row escalated. The maître d' intervened. Sullen, the unfed diners … Continue reading Very short stories #4

Very short stories #3

Here's another week's worth of very short stories. The first five have a theme of heteronym. Images are from Wikimedia and Pixabay. Prompt: close Feet scuffed the pavement. She darted into the close, padding past torn food wrappers. Something growled. Panting, she speeded up. There! A closed door beckoned. She raced for it. As pursuit … Continue reading Very short stories #3

Very short stories #2

Here are my seven stories from this week's prompts. Images are from Wikimedia and Pixabay. Prompt: parents Carnage sounds upstairs. "Kids!" She tsks. "Let them have their fun. Remember when we met." He turns up the radio. "You dancing?" "You asking?" "I'm asking." "I'm dancing." Smiling, she steps into his embrace. ... The boy tiptoes … Continue reading Very short stories #2