Very short stories #22

I was pretty busy with my day job in August, and September's going to be quite full as well. I did manage some writing time with further polishing of The Diamond Device. A huge thank you to all my critiquers and beta readers 🙂 ! Also played around further with Daz Studio (remember, my artistic … Continue reading Very short stories #22

Very short stories #21

I've spent far too much time over the last week playing around with Daz Studio. It's an application for modelling and rendering characters and scenes. My graphics skills are non-existent. In fact, Art was the one class I failed at school every year! So I was pretty excited to find software that could produce a... … Continue reading Very short stories #21

Very short stories #20

Now that I don't have a daily train journey, I'm missing out on around an hour of reading time each day. So unfortunately I'm reviewing far fewer books these days. Just three since my last post: The Palace of Lost Memories by C. J. Archer Brass Legionnaire by Daniel Ottalini The Falcon of Sparta by … Continue reading Very short stories #20

Very short stories #19

I hope you're well and managing to keep safely occupied. This month, I've been putting The Diamond Device (my current work-in-progress) through a beta read, as well as exploring ideas for my next writing project. Am currently bouncing around between a SF murder mystery, a straightforward fantasy and a rather pulpy sword and sorcery. It … Continue reading Very short stories #19