Very short stories #27

This weekend was when the clocks went forwards in the UK, marking the start of British Summer Time. It seems only a couple of weeks ago I was having to mind ice on the pavements while walking to work. But we've had snowdrops and crocuses and now daffodils, so I guess spring really is here … Continue reading Very short stories #27

Very short stories #26

Wow, we're already at the end of February? I hope that's a good sign, that the year isn't going to drag on. My work's certainly got busier—it's a combination of routine surgery starting up again, and academic writing that had previously gone on the back burner. I'm also commuting more frequently, which means that I … Continue reading Very short stories #26

Very short stories #25

I hope the first fortnight of 2021 has been a good one for you. As with much of the UK, we remain under travel and in-person meeting restrictions. I've lost track of how many different virtual meetings applications I now have installed on my PC. That leads to awkward situations where I'm hanging around in … Continue reading Very short stories #25

A Bite-Sized Adventure

If you're on Twitter, you might have noticed that the very short story community ran a special series of prompts in October. The hashtag was #vssmurder. I didn't intend to write a continuous story, but the detective and the rookie decided they wanted to take over. I've put some of their daily tales together here … Continue reading A Bite-Sized Adventure