Author interview with Jon Rees, astrophysicist

For this interview, I'm happy to introduce Jon Rees, who is a researcher working at UC San Diego. We met several years ago while playing the online game Syrnia. Bit of trivia: we share a birthday - though not the same year! Jon's from South West Wales. He completed a PhD in Physics at Exeter … Continue reading Author interview with Jon Rees, astrophysicist

Unmissable opportunities

I just wanted to take a moment and write you a long overdue thank you letter for your services to scientific world. Your previous submission was outstanding and innovates all of us. In last few years I have known you; you have been an incredible inspiration to me and all the young researchers on how … Continue reading Unmissable opportunities

Author interview – Dick Pyle, truffle entrepreneur

For this post, I’m delighted to chat with Dick Pyle about truffles. Yes, you heard that right. Truffles. And I do mean the distinctive culinary fungus that people either love or hate... or maybe can't make up their minds about. Dick has previously worked in a variety of fields (no pun intended), including as a … Continue reading Author interview – Dick Pyle, truffle entrepreneur

Glowing things

In my A Quiet Rebellion books (not yet published, but I'm inching towards it), a recurring element is animals' eyes glowing in the dark. This isn't anything terribly mysterious: it's just observations characters make about the tapetum (an anatomical structure at the back of the eye), from the perspective of a society that views all … Continue reading Glowing things