Countryside travel

The outlying settlements — hamlets, villages and small towns — are an experience not to be missed, although the canny traveller will pack items they can't do without, since facilities are extremely limited, to put things mildly. You've heard the phrase "off the beaten trail"? Well, this realm doesn't even have trails, whether to ease … Continue reading Countryside travel

Overview of Ascar

No visit is complete without spending a few days in the capital city, which houses the pinnacle of the realm's technology. In fact, the advice from Intrepid Explorers™ is to start your visit in Ascar, so you can acclimatise yourself to local customs in relative comfort, before exploring the less developed areas further afield. Situated … Continue reading Overview of Ascar

The realm of Numoeath

Welcome, dear reader, to a new collection of tourist-orientated posts from Intrepid Explorers™. As with our collections for other worlds, each article — written by an experienced Intrepid Correspondent — will showcase some aspect of the world that might interest the recreational visitor. In addition to guides about local customs and places to visit, we … Continue reading The realm of Numoeath