Maldon Interview – Annetta the herbalist

Today we're back in Maldon to interview Annetta Benedict. Annetta is a relatively new resident of the town. In fact, she only arrived here with the last convoy visit a few weeks ago. Annetta's a herbalist. As you can imagine, herbalists are highly respected in the countryside, given the risk of accidents and lack of … Continue reading Maldon Interview – Annetta the herbalist

Ascar Interview – Security Councillor Martek

Today we're interviewing Devon Martek who is the Chief Security Councillor in Ascar. Councillor Martek has decades of experience working in the city. He started off as a city guard. He then became an administrator. Because of a facility with statistics and collating reports, he developed a reputation for spotting patterns.   Here's a picture … Continue reading Ascar Interview – Security Councillor Martek

Ascar Interview – Louis the infirmier

For this interview, we're finally getting a glimpse inside Ascar's notorious Keep. However, we're not going to see where the scientists work or where the evaluation of those with curses takes place. Nor do we visit the mysterious machinery in the basement or the blimp launching pad and bird coops on the roof. No, today … Continue reading Ascar Interview – Louis the infirmier

Intrepid Correspondent Interview – Emily

Those of you who have entered Ascar via its southern gates (the only entrance for unescorted visitors) will probably have noticed a large walled complex on your left, just as you enter the city proper. That complex is Ascar's barracks, where the majority of the guards live. Note: Despite the military-sounding nomenclature, guards aren't actually … Continue reading Intrepid Correspondent Interview – Emily