Review: Why Icebergs Float

In addition to reading (and writing) fiction, I spend a fair chunk of time reading (and yep, writing) non-fiction. Most of my non-fiction is work-related and very focussed on my specialist area. You can see my teaching blog if you're curious about that. But sometimes it's fun and educational to read more widely. A couple … Continue reading Review: Why Icebergs Float

Review: Don Giovanni

As a change from worldbuilding posts and interviews with specialists, here's a post about an opera I attended this weekend. Mozart's Don Giovanni was first performed at the Prague Estates Theatre in 1787. I've been to over a dozen live productions (including at the Prague Estates, although considerably later than 1787!) and watched maybe twenty … Continue reading Review: Don Giovanni

A Quiet Rebellion: Restitution is out!

Following on the heels of my previous post, I'm super-excited to announce I've just released A Quiet Rebellion: Restitution, the second book in the trilogy. I won't post the blurb here, since it does spoil Book 1, but you can access it on the Kindle page here. Paperback is also available, although it'll be a … Continue reading A Quiet Rebellion: Restitution is out!

Author note – first book release!

I'm pretty excited to announce that I've published A Quiet Rebellion: Guilt, the first book in my planned trilogy. What's it about? In a society that lives in fear of beasts and the curse they carry, imprisoning victims is the only thing to do. Convoy captain Jonathan has a guilty secret: he killed a traveller … Continue reading Author note – first book release!