A Quiet Rebellion promotional sale

I've been pretty excited about the release of The Diamond Device—has it really been out for a whole month already? It's currently available for Kindle and in print. But that's not my only novel! This weekend, my A Quiet Rebellion trilogy is up on special offer. A Quiet Rebellion: Guilt is FREE while the other … Continue reading A Quiet Rebellion promotional sale

Very short stories #24

Nearly the end of November already! This year seems to have gone on forever, and yet Christmas decorations are appearing... I hope you and yours are keeping safe and well. The Diamond Device A wee reminder that The Diamond Device is now up in the Kindle store as well as available in print. It's a … Continue reading Very short stories #24

The Diamond Device is out!

I'm excited to announce that my newest novel, The Diamond Device, is now out. It's a light-hearted steampunk adventure. I hope you'll be tempted to grab a copy, tell your friends and so on. The buy link is here. What's The Diamond Device about? After diamond power promises to replace steam, an unemployed labourer and … Continue reading The Diamond Device is out!