Author interview: Hanna on hot air balloons

For this post, I'm delighted to feature an interview with Hanna Day, who has been of immense help with blimp-related information. Hanna is a social media consultant for non-profits and small businesses. We met on Scriphophile, which is a workshopping site for writers. Hanna is working on an epic fantasy trilogy, the first novel of … Continue reading Author interview: Hanna on hot air balloons

Interview: Don Day Jr on Hot Air Balloons

For all you steampunk and aeronautics fans, fellow Scribber Hanna Day has a fascinating post about hot air balloons. I’ll soon be posting an interview with Hanna about her own experiences with one. Meantime, enjoy Hanna’s article!

Hanna Day

donDayOffice Meteorologist Don Day Jr (right) with the Red Bull Stratos Mission Control team during the 2012 project.

Hot Air Ballooning in Fiction!

Many writers of speculative fiction, while exploring their fantastical and scientific worlds, like to utilize different modes of transportation in their work. Yet even with magical worlds a few hard facts can bring the reader out of the story.

Meteorologist and hot air balloon pilot Don Day is here to talk about weather balloons, space jumps and hot air ballooning in fiction. Specifically, what writers, both realistic fiction and speculative, need to know.

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Intrepid Correspondent Interview – Giselle Weaver

Today we're back in Maldon for an interview with the town logistician, Giselle Weaver, without whom everything would be in chaos. I admit I'm not too clear precisely what a logisticiam does, although I know she's in charge of the guesthouse. Because visitors really only arrive during scheduled convoy visits--this is because of the universal … Continue reading Intrepid Correspondent Interview – Giselle Weaver

Intrepid Correspondent Interview – Lady Catherine Nelson

We're returning to Ascar today, to meet the pinnacle of the scientific community, Lady Catherine Nelson. This is a rare privilege indeed. Lady Nelson has worked as a scientist for over forty years. (Note: In Numoeath, the term "scientist" is used mainly to refer to those who investigate the curse, whether in terms of epidemiology, … Continue reading Intrepid Correspondent Interview – Lady Catherine Nelson