Ascar Interview – Security Councillor Martek

Today we're interviewing Devon Martek who is the Chief Security Councillor in Ascar. Councillor Martek has decades of experience working in the city. He started off as a city guard. He then became an administrator. Because of a facility with statistics and collating reports, he developed a reputation for spotting patterns.   Here's a picture … Continue reading Ascar Interview – Security Councillor Martek

Review: Why Icebergs Float

In addition to reading (and writing) fiction, I spend a fair chunk of time reading (and yep, writing) non-fiction. Most of my non-fiction is work-related and very focussed on my specialist area. You can see my teaching blog if you're curious about that. But sometimes it's fun and educational to read more widely. A couple … Continue reading Review: Why Icebergs Float

Review: Don Giovanni

As a change from worldbuilding posts and interviews with specialists, here's a post about an opera I attended this weekend. Mozart's Don Giovanni was first performed at the Prague Estates Theatre in 1787. I've been to over a dozen live productions (including at the Prague Estates, although considerably later than 1787!) and watched maybe twenty … Continue reading Review: Don Giovanni

Ascar Interview – Chief Councillor Hastings

Today we're in Ascar again, where we have the opportunity to chat with Chief Councillor John Hastings. He has been in post for many years, and it'll be interesting to get his take on high-level administration of the realm. Situated within the Royal Compound, the Council building holds all the governmental records. It's where administrative … Continue reading Ascar Interview – Chief Councillor Hastings