Intrepid Correspondent Interview – Chief Guard Paton

Today, we have the opportunity to interview a man with whom very few people have the opportunity to converse, who has held a difficult and responsible position for many years. Clad in his red uniform, the distinctive form of Chief Guard Paton is a familiar—and imposing—sight among those working in Ascar, especially those who frequent … Continue reading Intrepid Correspondent Interview – Chief Guard Paton

Intrepid Correspondent interview – at the Granville Tavern

For today's interview, we're returning to Ascar, to interview the proprietress of the famed Granville Tavern: Virginia Granville. For decades, the tavern has been serving delicious food and drink to Ascar's lucky residents. It's not the only tavern in the city, of course, but nearly every local I have asked in the street has suggested … Continue reading Intrepid Correspondent interview – at the Granville Tavern

Glowing things

In my A Quiet Rebellion books (not yet published, but I'm inching towards it), a recurring element is animals' eyes glowing in the dark. This isn't anything terribly mysterious: it's just observations characters make about the tapetum (an anatomical structure at the back of the eye), from the perspective of a society that views all … Continue reading Glowing things

Ascar’s airship technology

After those last couple of interviews about hot air balloons, let's find out how they tackle the business of air travel in Numoeath. Their technology (remember, they call it "techne" here) level has only developed as far as lighter-than-air equipment within the last decade or so. Your Intrepid Correspondent suspects that some of that progress only … Continue reading Ascar’s airship technology