About this blog

Have you landed here by chance? Are you wondering what this blog is about?

I’m currently working on a speculative fiction series, titled A Quiet Rebellion. It’s a trilogy of slow-paced steampunk adventures—perhaps falling into the “fantasy of manners” or “mannerpunk” subgenres—and I don’t expect it be expand beyond three books. However, I might write a few short stories or novellas with some of the side characters.

This blog includes information that doesn’t make it into the books, such as backstories of the minor characters, or worldbuilding information that’s not directly addressed in the stories. The information is presented as articles written by an external tourist agency known as Intrepid Explorers™. I’m also including a few real-world interviews with the lovely people who’ve helped me build my world with semi-plausible scientific information.

My fiction writing might not stop with A Quiet Rebellion. I’m sure that if other worlds manifest in future, Intrepid Explorers™ will be up to the challenge of, well, exploring, and bringing back information for the blog.