The Sapphire Solution is Out!

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve published The Sapphire Solution, a follow-up to The Diamond Device. For the moment, it’s only in the Kindle store (on Kindle Unlimited).

Stopper bottle containing blue liquid. Background silhouettes of a woman in profile and a man with a top hat.

What’s The Sapphire Solution about? It’s a fantasy of manners, so expect intrigue, interpersonal clashes and a good dollop of drawing-room farce. Here’s the full blurb:

Apprentice chemist Iggy’s uncle won’t sign her off as competent, even though he trusts her with Project Sapphire: researching a formula to erase forensic evidence. When she finds an alternative route to sign-off, she applies her energy to that, neglecting her assigned duties to do so. In a stroke of luck, this decision leads her to a sponsorship deal, but her benefactor has secrets she’s unaware of.

After his recent adventure abroad, Lord Richard Hayes is now home: and on probation to keep his seat on the Council of Lords. He has plentiful funds, detailed instructions and a boring plan for honest living, but despite his efforts to fit in, everything starts to go wrong. He loses his only household servant, he antagonises a young chemist the first time he meets her, and he gets blamed for a burglary he didn’t even do. The only bright spot is that making new enemies keeps life from being completely dull.

Stiff-necked Lord Huntley Angus detests frivolous young nobles who dodge responsibility for their actions. But when he secretly pawns his wife’s jewellery to pay an unexpected debt, he gets entangled in a spiralling set of misfortunes.

Is your appetite whetted? Here’s the store page. Enjoy! 🙂

And if you haven’t read The Diamond Device already, you might want to take advantage of a price drop promotion on it here for the next week.

4 thoughts on “The Sapphire Solution is Out!

  1. Oh wow, congratulations on the release! I feel bad I never finished my last read-through — the start of the year has been so hectic — but I trust you’ve hammered out another amazing story. 🙂 I’ll certainly enjoy reading the official final version now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Philip! I know what you mean about hectic. Every time I think things are calming down, something new and urgent (and/or exciting and interesting) comes along that I just can’t ignore!

      Liked by 1 person

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