Bundle Up!

Another post this month? What’s going on? This time, it’s a book deal—that is, a deal where you can buy a bunch of books at a special price, not me signing a deal with a publisher 😛 . I’m thrilled to let you know that The Diamond Device is appearing in the Renegades of Tomorrow bundle, available on StoryBundle from 24 August until 14 September.

If you’ve not come across StoryBundle before, they’re worth a closer look. They offer limited-time deals on collections of books, which are DRM-free (ie not tied to an account or device) and in different formats (.epub and .mobi for ebooks, and .cbz and/or .pdf for comics). Bundles usually have around a dozen books, curated with an eye to a particular theme. For example, space opera or urban fantasy or horror, writing craft, history of games, and sometimes comic books. There’s a pay what you want model, with a few “core” books available at the minimum price (usually $5) and the remainder unlocked if you pay above a threshold amount. I’ve found quite a few new authors via book bundles, which is why my review collection may seem a little, um, eclectic.

Renegades of the Future book covers

The Renegades of Tomorrow bundle is curated by the Independent Authors Committee of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). In it, you’ll get 4 books for $5 (including The Diamond Device), and a further 9 books if you pay $20 or more. Here’s what the curators have to say about it.

For your convenience, I’m listing the thirteen books included in Renegades of Tomorrow here, along with links to their Goodreads pages:

Glitch Rain and Other Stories by Alex Livingston
Petra by Matthew S. Rotundo
The Diamond Device by M. H. Thaung
ACHE by Kelvin Myers
The Ascension Machine by Rob Edwards
The Hands We’re Given by O. E. Tearman
Situation Normal by Leonard Richardson
Ternary by Kristin L. Stamper
The Paradise Factory by Jim Keen
Double Edged by Jessie Kwak
Ardulum: First Don by J. S. Fields
Blue on Black by Carole Cummings
Centricity by Nathaniel Henderson

If this all piques your interest, visit the bundle page for more details.

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