Very short stories #39

Other than the excitement of updating the A Quiet Rebellion books, I haven’t been writing much lately. Instead, I have academic talks and a manuscript deadline coming up, so they’re taking up most of my attention. That’s fine, however. Much as I enjoy writing fiction (or at least I enjoy having written it—the process can be quite a slog at times), my inspiration often comes from topics I think about at work. If I had nothing to do but write stories, I’d probably look at the blank page and have no idea where to start!

Book Reviews

It’s been a while since I listed my book reviews, so here’s my catch-up bunch. You’ve probably gathered my eclectic reading tendencies, with the mixture of non-fiction, sword & sorcery, hard sci fi, supernatural and of course some steampunk. At the time of reading, all the books other than than the McDermid and Künsken were available on Kindle Unlimited, if that affects your choices.

The Ghosts of Marshley Park by Amanda Innes
The BackUp Superhero by Kayla Hicks
Broken Sky by Morgan K. Bell
Cassie Fogg and the Unwound Knight by David S. Goodwin
The Last Ion Ship by Aristotle Evangelos
Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime by Val McDermid
Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy Volume 2, edited by David Riley
The Quantum Magician by Derek Künsken

Very short stories

Back to still images in Daz Studio. The monsters are getting an outing today. I had fun with the animation last time, but it’s time-consuming to put together. Plus, I don’t have a lot of content (yet!) for the software, so the range is limited. I dare say that will change over time 🙂


Hun, you’re safe! I scented danger and sent Grandpa ahead. Where is he?
Granny! I was attacked in the woods! A huge wolf with eyes like Grandpa’s!
That was—
I didn’t hesitate. Swung my axe—
—like Papa taught me.
Grr. Your Papa and I need to talk.


The rogue arrived with his catch. “That’s a quick campfire.”
“Easy when you have the knack.” His companion grinned.
“Ha, barbarians.”
“Good haul, last town.”
“Yep. The duke’s love letters will fetch a good price.”
“Letters?” The barbarian paled. “Not kindling?”


“He’s only young.”
“That’s not the point. You’re trying to normalize him playing with dolls. Dressing them up. It’s unnatural.”
“But, dear, what’s the harm—”
“We’re dragons! We’re supposed to EAT princesses, not style their hair!”


Cursing, I paw at my phone.
“Good day,” it squawks. “Dr Bones Surgery, how-may-we-help?”
“I need advice,” I pant. “How do I remove a bullet?”
“What? You need to come in.”
“Can’t we just have a telephone consult?” I whine, the silver searing my rump.

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