Very short stories #35

I hope you’re having a good November so far. Mine started with a week’s holiday, when I got some (small amount of) writing done on my sequel to The Diamond Device. It’s still at the plot spaghetti stage, though with a bit more cackling than before. I’ll take that as a win. Arrived back at work this past week just as all our delayed cases started coming through again, so it’s been pretty busy 🏃🏽‍♀️

As I mentioned in my last post, The Diamond Device is now available in multiple ebook stores such as Apple, B&N and Kobo as well as the Amazon store. If you don’t read books on Kindle, now’s your chance to check it out somewhere else. You can find it here. The A Quiet Rebellion books will follow, although only when I have more time to sort it.

I’m still having a blast with Daz Studio, and hopefully improving my 3D graphics skills while I’m at it. Here’s a character I picked up recently. Unfortunately for him, he’s keeping watch in the wrong direction.

Book reviews

Now that train time is my regular opportunity to read, I nearly enjoy commuting into Central London. My DNFs this time (books I Did Not Finish) tended to be due to excessive explanations and/or characters who did inconsistent things just to further the plot. Here are the books I’ve reviewed since last month.
Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond by Jayne Barnard
Shakedowners by Justin Woolley
Lonely Hearts: A Short Story by Patricia Correll
Future Crimes: Mysteries and Detection Through Time and Space, edited by Mike Ashley
Destiny’s Wings by Rhondi Ann

Very short stories

And finishing up with a handful of tiny stories. These were first posted on Twitter in May this year.


The thief peered around the room. Waxwork effigies lay on a table. One looked like him.
“This job isn’t worth it,” he muttered, backing away. “Zed can find some other mug to—”
“That won’t be necessary,” said Zed, striking a match.


“Lemme introduce you!”
“Uh, thanks.” I nervously eye his weapons.
Fisticuffs Frank and Graveyard George jovially wave hello.
“Who’s that?” I point. He wears a pinstripe suit and holds a bowler hat and briefcase.
“Storyteller Sam. Very helpful in court.”


“My treasury doesn’t spark the slightest avarice in your heart?” The king raised an eyebrow.
The mendicant wizard bowed. “I hope you don’t take offence.”
“Not at all.”
“Your library, on the other hand…”


Master Chu closed his eyes. “Time to meditate.”
“I swear,” whispered my classmate, “if he drones on about loving kindness again, I’ll—”
A throwing star thudded into her desk.
“You’ll what, Lotus?” Master Chu’s eyes were still shut.
Lotus gulped. “Meditate, Master.”

Have a great month, and see you soon!

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