The Diamond Device – 0.99 sale

Just a quick post to say that for the next week, The Diamond Device has a price drop to £0.99(UK)/$0.99(US) in the Kindle store. Now’s your chance to pick it up as a bargain! It’s a light-hearted steampunk caper where an ill-matched pair get embroiled in burglary, kidnapping and an international bomb plot.

Here Rich, our daring hero, needs to attract the attention of the authorities. But he can’t afford to be apprehended until he’s achieved his objective…

While a dozen police flooded into the area, Rich scrambled up the framework of a hoist. Flecks of rust fell off as he moved. He jumped the short distance to the top of the wall and landed in a crouch, ribs aching. The wall was a foot wide, and mortar crumbled in his trembling fingers. Heart racing, he stood and squinted. His destination wasn’t far.
“A mere two factories up,” he muttered, “where I have to run along the top of a wall with a congregation of coppers chasing me. Most excellent.”

Remember, you can pick it up here. Please tell your friends or anyone else who might be interested!

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