The One and Only

If you follow my posts, you’ll know I’ve been spending quite a chunk of time playing around in Daz Studio. They’re running a contest for International Women’s Day. For me, the contest was just the motivation I needed to focus on a very special character.

I am delighted to introduce to you the irascible Professor Ina Bergrim-Hoyt, whose invention kicks off events in The Diamond Device. (Not that Rich or Alf suspect that, of course). She’s not the easiest character to get along with, but there’s no doubt about her capabilities.

The professor at work

“It’s perfectly feasible.” She glowered at the prosthesis. “I’ll add some enhancements before you depart.”
Alf scratched his head. “But it’s worked fine until now.”
“Bah, where’s your desire for improvement? I can make it better.”

If this sparks your curiosity about the book, you can have a peruse of it here. And if you feel moved to enter the contest yourself, I’d love to see your entries! 🙂

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