January update

In a few of my previous posts, I've mentioned some writing characteristics that put me off books. They don't necessarily make me put the book down, but once they impinge on my reading enjoyment, they become distracting if they pop up again. Most recently, I've become more aware of redundancies and repetitions. As with all … Continue reading January update

Very short stories #25

I hope the first fortnight of 2021 has been a good one for you. As with much of the UK, we remain under travel and in-person meeting restrictions. I've lost track of how many different virtual meetings applications I now have installed on my PC. That leads to awkward situations where I'm hanging around in … Continue reading Very short stories #25

A Bite-Sized Adventure

If you're on Twitter, you might have noticed that the very short story community ran a special series of prompts in October. The hashtag was #vssmurder. I didn't intend to write a continuous story, but the detective and the rookie decided they wanted to take over. I've put some of their daily tales together here … Continue reading A Bite-Sized Adventure