A Quiet Rebellion promotional sale

I’ve been pretty excited about the release of The Diamond Device—has it really been out for a whole month already? It’s currently available for Kindle and in print. But that’s not my only novel!

This weekend, my A Quiet Rebellion trilogy is up on special offer. A Quiet Rebellion: Guilt is FREE while the other two books are available for only 0.99. My books page has details of all of them.

Even though I don’t currently feel inclined to produce more stories in the AQR world, I had an enormous amount of fun writing them. Guilt was the first ever book I wrote. Of course, I didn’t just write it and slap up a first draft: it went through multiple rounds of critique, beta reading and polishing, for which I have all my Scribophile buddies to thank. In the process, I learned a lot about story and writing craft, and I’d like to feel my skills have improved since then. It’s very tempting to go back and fiddle with the first book to bring it up to the standard of the others, but that risks becoming a never-ending cycle and energy sink. So I’ll leave the books as they are (for now…) and hope you enjoy them.

I don’t think it’s a big spoiler to tell you that several characters appear in all three books. After all, it is a trilogy. Jonathan was the first character I formed the concept for: someone older and with more life experience than many fantasy heroes, who’s been ground down by the life he has to lead. It’s not all bad for him, however. He has friends and supporters, even if he doesn’t realise it. One of them is Susanna, a fellow captain. Although Susanna has her own challenges, she’s far more outgoing than Jonathan. To be frank, he sometimes finds her behaviour confusing 😜

Here’s a render of them having a little time to relax. They’ll need it 😈

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