Very short stories #23

October’s shaping up to be a busy month at work. The routine operations that were put on hold have started up again, so we’re getting plenty of pathology specimens with the catch-up. Still, I’m working towards releasing The Diamond Device at the end of the month, or maybe early November. Exciting times! My experiments with Daz Studio continue as well. Here’s my latest pic of Rich:

Above the cosy fireplace hung an oil painting in surprisingly good taste. Its understated oak frame stood out among the room’s clashing decorations like a pedigree racehorse in a farmyard.

Finally, something he could talk about with a straight face. “Is that an original Denoir? I particularly like how the sunlight reflects off the airship’s cables.”

Book reviews

Have I really only reviewed two books since my last post? Feels like I’ve read more 😮 Though on reflection, I’ve started quite a few and then laid them to the side for various reasons.

Champagne Charlie and the Amazing Gladys by B. G. Hilton
Glass Houses (Avatars Dance, #1) by Laura J. Mixon

And now for some very short stories. These are from April and May tweets.


The reporter waved his notepad. “A notorious criminal like you must have something to say!”
Eyeing the gibbet, the prisoner mutely shook his head.
The reporter shrugged and wrote, “His last words were that the suspense was killing him.”

Image by Michaela Wenzler from Pixabay


“Mittens?” I glared.
My assistant shrugged helplessly. “All I could get.”
“How’m I supposed to operate?”

Image by David Mark from Pixabay


Propping his umbrella by the door, the detective asked, “How much damage?”
“Only a scratch on the lock,” said the rookie. “The thief took remarkable care.”
“Let me see.” The detective strode down the hall, leaving muddy footprints on the Oriental silk rug.


“Great variety show!” The warrior chugged his beer. “Who knew heroic verse and dancing girls combined so well?”
Tugging his beard, the wizard sniffed. “I wasn’t impressed by the bathos.”
The rogue nudged him and winked. “Not even when the nymph stepped out of it?”


Wide-eyed, the boy stared at his interrogator. “It was a real argle-bargle! The big guy hit the little guy, then another guy pulled out a gun and BAM!”
Mum sighed. “And that’s how my porcelain figurines got broken.”


I sat up and moaned. Gah, this was the mother of all headaches: someone had taken an axe to my skull. Well, no point in hanging around. I scooped up my brains, set them in place and shambled out.


“Don’t forget to attend for your complimentary massage!”
“No, thank you.”
“Our practitioners are trained in tapotement, effleurage—”
“I’m not interested.”
“—petrissage, not to mention—”
“How about a punch in the nose?”
“Um. That costs extra.”

Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay

Hopefully, my next post will be all about The Diamond Device. Wish me luck!

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    1. Thanks! There are plenty of features to learn about, so I’m just taking it bit by bit. The image for “damage” was also done in Daz, though I have yet to work out how to show clods of mud 😛

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