Very short stories #18

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well in these challenging times. I’ve been busy with personal matters, but I’ve still been making time to read (and write). A bit of escapism is maybe a good thing, particularly these days.

Book reviews

Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton
The Weird Sisters of Wynter’s Hill by Helen Whistberry
The Unchained Mage by Catherine Griffin

And some very short stories from November and December


Brad’s incoherent gurgle paused as he read the notice on the ceiling:
“Please refrain from screaming. It frightens the other clients.”
What cheek! He silently grumbled as the drilling started.
Behind her mask, the dentist smiled. The distraction worked every time.

Image by L Gould from Pixabay


“You were right!” she bawls outside the bathroom.
“About what?” I continue scrubbing my fingernails.
“That so-called guru! He disappeared overnight with all my jewelry!”
“How dreadful,” I reply, drying my hands and rolling my sleeves down over gold bracelets.

Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay


Sea spray lashed the secret agent’s face as he eyed the 100-foot cliff. The villain wouldn’t expect him to return.
Handcuffs clinking, he fumbled at his neck. Tackle one thing at a time. His dratted bow tie was squint.


Gran touched up her lipstick and checked her glittery shawl.
I found my voice. “You’re really going to a rave?”
“You think I’m not old enough?” She raised an eyebrow. “I’m enjoying this pail list challenge.”
“Bucket,” I muttered.
“Mind your language, young lady!”


I raise my glass. “A toast to the winner.”
The cheating bastard swallows then grins. “No hard feelings, eh?”
“Not at all. Enjoy the cyanide.”
He spews champagne over the table. “What?”
“Oh, nothing. Slip of the tongue.”

Copyright: Image by StockUnlimited


A blade flashes. Its wielder smirks. “This is the tricky part.”
Mascara-caked eyelashes flutter in fear.
“If you move, you’ll regret it.”
A whimper punctuates every snip.
Finally, silence.
The victim exhales. “Dangly earrings and big hair. Yeah, I goofed.”

Image by NomeVisualizzato from Pixabay


After presenting the gift, I rose to my feet.
“Now the speech.” My companion’s eyes twinkled.
My face heated. This was even worse than the tribute. “O Queen Who Holds Sway Over All, please accept—”
“Miaow,” she declared, batting at the knitted mouse.

Image by Petra Söhner from Pixabay


The mage frowned. “I don’t like it.”
“Hey, it’s a surefire plan,” said the warrior. “Fingers can curry favour with the guards. Then we sneak in.”
Studying the hilltop castle, the mage heard distant hoofbeats fade. “But did he have to take ALL our money for bribes?”

That’s me for the moment. Stay well, and be sensible!

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