Very short stories #17

I’ve had some heavy real life stuff happening recently, so this post isn’t going to be terribly chatty.

Let’s see, A Quiet Rebellion: Posterity is on a Kindle Countdown deal for the next week – UK and US Amazon stores only. I was really chuffed that the Naked Reviewers thought so highly of it. You can read their reviews here. (And check out their other reviews while you’re at it).

Book reviews so far this month are:
The Corpse-Eater by Patricia Correll
Ghosts on the Moor by Peter James Martin
Bloodlines by Peter Hartog
Meanwhile, at the Dernstrum Institute… by Catherine Griffin

And now for a few very short stories from October and November each year. (The reason I note the original posting dates here is to remind myself where to look for the next batch!)


“Those new neighbours worry me.” Edna scowled out of the window. “Always messing in the garden.”
Bert glanced up from his splatter movie. “Are they digging a grave?”
“Don’t be silly!” She pursed her lips. “But they might find the bodies we buried last year.”

Image by Patrick Sommer from Pixabay


After the searchers left, the fugitive slipped out from the wardrobe. “I owe you eternal gratitude.”
“Really?” She simpered.
“I swear it.” He bowed.
“It’s so nice to be appreciated.” Her fangs lengthened. “Especially forever.”


Your shifty eyes and sweating face arouse my suspicion. I rush into the kitchen.
Despite the open window, a burnt haze permeates the air. Charred lumps of tenderloin lie sadly on a plate.
Still, the inexpertly iced birthday cake makes me smile. “Takeaway tonight?”


“I’ll wear the silk knickers with the lace trim.”
I gaped. “Gran! It’s a fun run! Who’s going to see them?”
“I might fall and break a hip.” She winked. “Besides, there’s always the after-party.”


The inventor excitedly turned the crank. What would its first words be?
The automaton opened its eyes. It blinked. “Are you my daddy?”
“Yes!” The beaming inventor held out his arms.
Lurching forwards, it shoved him aside and embraced the chugging boiler. “Daddy!”

Image by Thor Deichmann from Pixabay


The dragon burped. “Devilled tofu? Sublime.”
The mayor relaxed. “If you could spare our cattle…”
She waved a foot-long claw. “Of course, of—”
A gout of flame shot across the field, setting the grain alight.
The dragon winced. “Sorry. Chillis give me wind.”

Image by Peter Chou from Pixabay


He set the drill down and peered through the wall with a grin. Hubba hubba! As his new neighbour disrobed, he grew hard as stone.
“Ah, that’s better.” Rid of that stifling scarf, she stretched in relief. “Fancy a hot shower?”
Her snakes hissed in agreement.

That’s all from me for the moment – see you soon!

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