A Quiet Rebellion: Posterity is out!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve just released the final book in the Numoeath trilogy. Here’s the Kindle link (also available in print). (As of December 2019, I’m not selling books in other stores).

This is the paperback cover and blurb

Where does it start?

As a quick catch up (trying to minimise spoilers if you’ve not read the first two books):
After his trial for murder, telekinetic convoy captain Jonathan has been vindicated. The culprit is out of the picture. However, political necessity means that Queen Eleanor has reinstated the party who was pulling the murderer’s strings.
Diffident herbalist Annetta has finally developed some backbone. She’s working on recipes that will help the afflicted control their paranormal abilities painlessly.
Looking forward, Eleanor adopts a bold plan to reintegrate the afflicted into society. Her path won’t be straightforward, and various people get in her way, intentionally or otherwise.

Not too surprising that this chap gets in Eleanor’s way
But here’s another spanner in the works…


Eleanor appears in all three books (as well as getting a mention in my flash fiction collection), with an increasing role in each one. Here are a few snippets about her:

A Quiet Rebellion: Guilt

The first time we encounter her on page, she arrives at the blimp workshop with her bodyguards while Jonathan is speaking with Blimp Engineer Artur Granville. She makes a bit of an impression on the young engineer.

She lifted her chin and regarded Artur. “Engineer Granville, you will attend me in my rooms tomorrow evening, after the dinner hour.” Without waiting for a response, she swept back out of the building.
Artur’s mouth fell open, and his gaze followed the queen as she exited with her retinue. Then he shook his head and ran his hands through his sandy hair, leaving greasy black streaks through it.

A Quiet Rebellion: Restitution

In Restitution, we meet Eleanor while she’s having tea with Lady Nelson, the Chief Scientist. Eleanor believes her blimp surveys are important, but Lady Nelson is not amused by the queen’s failure to attend Council meetings.

“We’re all old fogeys? It’s boring?”
Eleanor hadn’t quite regarded meetings as *boring*, the few times she’d attended with her father. But a room full of old men who wanted confirmation of their prejudices? “Ah…”

A Quiet Rebellion: Posterity

Eleanor becomes more directly involved in government in Restitution. On more than one occasion in Posterity she locks horns (metaphorically speaking) with former Chief Councillor Hastings.

Her heart hammered while she maintained eye contact with him. A muscle in his cheek twitched, and she fought the urge to blink.
At length, Hastings sighed. “It looks like an impasse. I have the good of the realm at heart.”
“As do I.” They just had different approaches towards it.
“I am not your enemy, Your—Eleanor.” His expression was grave. “But for many years I worked with your father. He’d mentioned your innovative mind and gentle nature. I am concerned that the latter may prove a handicap when ruthlessness is called for. He wouldn’t have hesitated—”
“Then maybe my father was wrong as well.”

As I mentioned above, A Quiet Rebellion: Posterity is the final book in a trilogy. When I got the idea for Guilt back in 2015, I had absolutely no idea where the story was going to go for that one book, never mind what would happen later on. (Admittedly, I also had no idea about how to write fiction either. Hopefully things have improved). Guilt ended with obvious issues that needed to be dealt with in Restitution, which in turn led into the wider challenges of Posterity. If you have stayed with me for the whole journey, I appreciate your involvement. If you haven’t yet discovered it, please give it a look—you might find it to your taste!

8 thoughts on “A Quiet Rebellion: Posterity is out!

    1. Thank you! I hope yours do well too. However, I went looking for your books and couldn’t find them here (UK) – are they limited distribution? Or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place. It wouldn’t be the first time 🧐


      1. All but one of my books never officially made it to Britain. (The first one did: “Time Twister”, published by Ashton Scholastic, under their ‘Hippo’ imprint. 1986.)
        The current crop are all going out only in digital. Search “Across the Stonewind Sky”.
        But thx for making the effort!!


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