Very short stories #2

Here are my seven stories from this week’s prompts. Images are from Wikimedia and Pixabay.

Prompt: parents

Carnage sounds upstairs.
“Kids!” She tsks.
“Let them have their fun. Remember when we met.” He turns up the radio. “You dancing?”
“You asking?”
“I’m asking.”
“I’m dancing.” Smiling, she steps into his embrace.

The boy tiptoes past the doorway and huffs. Parents!

Dancers in the Soldier's Memorial Hall, Drouin, Victoria (6173554643)

Prompt: stick

Bob stared into his opponent’s eyes. “I shall not fear—”
Jim grabbed his arm. “This isn’t the time to stick to your principles!”
Bob stumbled as Jim dragged him along the narrow trail. “Why not? The book said—”
“Because chimpanzees read looks, not books!”

Ilustration of chimpanzee with fork and plate

Prompt: London

From a keen attitude and excitement to measurable outcomes and targets. You change so much in London while seeking your fortune, that when you find it you don’t notice.


Prompt: pantomime

“Oh no it’s not!”
“Oh yes it is!”
Bug eyes blinked as the commander watched the feed. “They dress oddly, sing rude jokes and are pelted with missiles?”
“Yes, sir.”
“No, pantomime. Many seem to enjoy it.”
“Might be contagious. Pick another world to invade.”

Prompt: bliss

Steam rises while she ritually stirs. She rechecks the recipe. Yoghurt, strawberries, a spoonful of crushed mango.
Ready to partake of the calming bliss, she closes her eyes and inhales the aroma—
The door rattles. “Hurry up! You’ve been in the bathroom for an hour!”

Strawberry smoothie from above (8868423660)

The next two prompts also have a theme of heteronym (ie words spelled the same but with different sounds and meanings).

Prompt: read

A note of desperation sounds through my earpiece. “Do you read me? Switch to reserve oxygen tank. Now.”
I read you loud and clear.
“Do you read me?” The voice is breathless.
I read you loud and clear yesterday too, betrayal on your face.
“Do… you…”
Yes, I did.

Prompt: bow

“See, officer, the weirdo followed me along the deck…”
“And then?”
“He bowed, went down on one knee and pulled a box from his pocket.”
“A jewelry box. With a bow on top.”
“I was horrified! But then he toppled from the bow. Uh, by accident.”
“I see.”

Draft scale at the ship bow (PIC00110)

Back next week for some more. If you participate in #vss365, let me know and I’ll watch out for you!

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