Very short stories #3

Here's another week's worth of very short stories. The first five have a theme of heteronym. Images are from Wikimedia and Pixabay. Prompt: close Feet scuffed the pavement. She darted into the close, padding past torn food wrappers. Something growled. Panting, she speeded up. There! A closed door beckoned. She raced for it. As pursuit … Continue reading Very short stories #3

A chance encounter

It's been a busy weekend. Friday started with a 5 hour train trip from London to Edinburgh for an afternoon meeting, then across to Glasgow to visit friends and family. Before returning to London on Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting David Neilson, author of the Sophie Rathenau historical mysteries. David and I are … Continue reading A chance encounter

Very short stories #2

Here are my seven stories from this week's prompts. Images are from Wikimedia and Pixabay. Prompt: parents Carnage sounds upstairs. "Kids!" She tsks. "Let them have their fun. Remember when we met." He turns up the radio. "You dancing?" "You asking?" "I'm asking." "I'm dancing." Smiling, she steps into his embrace. ... The boy tiptoes … Continue reading Very short stories #2