A Quiet Rebellion: Restitution is out!

Following on the heels of my previous post, I’m super-excited to announce I’ve just released A Quiet Rebellion: Restitution, the second book in the trilogy.

I won’t post the blurb here, since it does spoil Book 1, but you can access it on the Kindle page here. Paperback is also available, although it’ll be a few days before they’re linked.

A Quiet Rebellion: Restitution features favourite (and not-so-favourite) characters from the first book. There are also a few who are stepping into the limelight for the first time. These include Artur (whose parents were interviewed here) and that grumpy protector of the crown, Paton.

There’s a little more manoeuvring within the higher echelons of society in this book. For example:

“More tea, my dear?” Lady Nelson’s blue-veined hand hovered over the teapot as she aimed a bright smile at Eleanor.
Ugh, no. “Thank you, Catherine, but I am quite replete.” Eleanor shifted in her chair, its ornate carved back digging into her shoulder, a splinter catching her chiffon tea gown. She’d take modern comfort over heirloom furniture any day. Still, duty was duty, as she told herself every week. Sometimes these social calls were fruitful, and at least this hostess didn’t insist on calling her “Your Majesty”, unlike the other, non-noble scientists.

Several of the people on Scribophile who helped me through Book 1 stayed for Book 2, and I’m immensely grateful to them. I also thank those who critiqued Book 2 with no prior knowledge—with their input, I could judge how much world and story information to sprinkle in so new readers don’t get lost. Thank you, everyone!

Another lovely cover from Sophie

Cover art is again by Sophie Edwards/Custom Covers.

Book 3 will be a while yet. I’m aiming for summer 2019. I hope you enjoy these first two.

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