Author note – first book release!

I’m pretty excited to announce that I’ve published A Quiet Rebellion: Guilt, the first book in my planned trilogy.

What’s it about?

In a society that lives in fear of beasts and the curse they carry, imprisoning victims is the only thing to do.
Convoy captain Jonathan has a guilty secret: he killed a traveller who was cursed while under his protection. The killing wasn’t to defend the innocent, but to hide governmental employment of curse victims—like Jonathan—who have developed paranormal powers. To assuage his guilt, he bends the rules to help another, younger victim. His growing fatherly affection for her leaves him vulnerable to pressure from an unethical researcher. Can he navigate the bureaucratic web, do his duty and still keep his conscience intact?

Some of the characters who’ve previously been interviewed on this blog are in Book 1, including Lady Nelson (naturally, her elevated status demands that I put her first in this list), Marcus the farmer, Giselle and last but not… oh, never mind… Mayor Sutcliff.

This is my first venture into the world of publishing fiction, and it’s certainly been an education! It’s taken about two and a half years from the inital story concept to this stage, and I’m massively grateful to the patient members of Scribophile. Several of them have encouraged and guided me along the way and tolerated my myriad peculiarities. Thank you to everyone involved!

The cover was made by Sophie Edwards/Custom Covers.

If you’re interested to check out the book, it’s now available for Kindle and as a paperback. Here’s the link: (generated using a Universal Book Link tool). I’d love it if you shared the link with any friends who might be interested.

Once the euphoria settles, I’ll get back to work on Book 2. I plan to release it within the next couple of months.

2 thoughts on “Author note – first book release!

  1. Congratulations on the result of all your hard work! I just picked up my official copy, and I can’t wait to read through the final version of the story, this time as just a fan. 🙂

    By the way, I like how the cover art turned out, with that textured look (like the material of a convoy guard’s uniform, I’m thinking).

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