Ascar’s airship technology

After those last couple of interviews about hot air balloons, let's find out how they tackle the business of air travel in Numoeath. Their technology (remember, they call it "techne" here) level has only developed as far as lighter-than-air equipment within the last decade or so. Your Intrepid Correspondent suspects that some of that progress only … Continue reading Ascar’s airship technology

Author interview: Hanna on hot air balloons

For this post, I'm delighted to feature an interview with Hanna Day, who has been of immense help with blimp-related information. Hanna is a social media consultant for non-profits and small businesses. We met on Scriphophile, which is a workshopping site for writers. Hanna is working on an epic fantasy trilogy, the first novel of … Continue reading Author interview: Hanna on hot air balloons