Intrepid Correspondent interview — Mayor Henry Sutcliff

Today is the day our regular readers have been looking forward to: a chance to meet one of the inhabitants of Numoeath. Our interviewee will be Henry Sutcliff, Mayor of Maldon. I'll set the scene before we meet the man himself. The mayor's residence is situated just behind Maldon's town hall, only a couple of … Continue reading Intrepid Correspondent interview — Mayor Henry Sutcliff

Regulations – official information

I know we said in our last article that we'd feature an interview with one of the locals for this post, but unfortunately our selected interviewee was unavailable. He was apparently called away to an important meeting. However, I have obtained some information that you should be aware of before visiting Numoeath, and this seems … Continue reading Regulations – official information

Guide to Maldon

After our coverage of countryside travel last week, it's time to share the Intrepid Explorers™ experience of one of the outlying settlements. Maldon is one of the "larger" towns with a population of around 2500 (don't laugh, please). Surrounded by woodlands, if you don't have a guide you could easily miss it and think that … Continue reading Guide to Maldon

Countryside travel

The outlying settlements — hamlets, villages and small towns — are an experience not to be missed, although the canny traveller will pack items they can't do without, since facilities are extremely limited, to put things mildly. You've heard the phrase "off the beaten trail"? Well, this realm doesn't even have trails, whether to ease … Continue reading Countryside travel