Well, here we are

Just under two years ago, I got it into my head I wanted to write a novel. I’ve no idea why – the last such urge to write fiction left me when I was about twelve. However, a couple of “What if…?” ideas popped into my head, and they just wouldn’t leave me alone. And so Jonathan, Annetta and the rest of the gang were born into my world, and last year (2016) I drafted the first book, A Quiet Rebellion: Guilt. This year I wrote its sequel, A Quiet Rebellion: Restitution. As of late 2017 I’m starting to plot the third book, tentatively titled A Quiet Rebellion: Acceptance.

The books are character-driven, slow-paced, low steampunk adventures. Yes, a slightly strange combination with a distinct lack of explosive action or high drama. I’m still tidying them up before publication but have started this blog to post information that doesn’t make it into the books. I’ll include tourist guides with information about places, customs and history. Some characters might pop in for a chat, but don’t expect them to give away spoilers.

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